Retaining Walls

There are many variations of retaining walls to retain la tierra, or "the land". A key feature in building retaining walls is understanding hydro-static pressure and the technical specifications that must be not only understood, but applied, for a successful retention installation. Dependent on the application, we install Boulder retaining walls, Natural Stone retaining walls and Manufactured retaining walls.

One of our specialties is designing and installing glacial boulder retaining walls. A typical installation of glacial boulders is that of a 24-36" diameter, but we will build your wall(s) to compliment both your home and landscape with scale always being a primary consideration. Glacial boulders are predominantly comprised of granite and have sufficiently demonstrated their ability to withstand the test of time. They provide both natural beauty and unparalleled retention strength due to their exponential weight.

Boulders and outcroppings are also available in limestone, including Fon-du-Lac and Childton, as well as indigenous Minnesota Iron Range rock, Sandstone, and Granite. Many generations will enjoy the enduring beauty of a boulder retaining wall system.

As an alternative to boulder retaining walls, we also design and build walls of natural cut stone including several variations of limestone such as Fon-du-Lac and Chilton, Granite and various Sandstones. We can design and construct a continuous wall or "outcroppings" dependent upon your circumstances. Under either scenario, a retaining wall designed and constructed of cut stone will surely leave a lasting impression.

Finally, as an alternative to natural stone, manufactured concrete products offer a substantial variety of size, color, style and texture to satisfy the most discriminating. There are several offerings that simulate natural stone very closely, yet offer the consistency and installation ease of a manufactured product. Manufactured concrete wall systems are also more budget effective and provide a great deal of design flexibility from linear to flowing radius. Step systems and Seating wall systems can be incorporated into manufactured products seamlessly.

We can design and build a retaining wall system that is as Unique as each of our clients... whether you prefer glacial boulders, stone outcroppings, cut stone or manufactured stone, we can provide a solution for your retention needs. Please call or email us to schedule a consultation to discuss your Outdoor Living needs.

Tier Retaining Walls