Outdoor Kitchens

Of the many possible elements of your landscape, one of the top rated desires in Outdoor Living is that of an outdoor kitchen. Outdoor kitchens have been very popular for many years in our warmer climates and they are increasingly becoming popular in our climate for both food preparation and entertainment purposes. An outdoor kitchen evokes a stong sense of family just as that of a traditional interior kitchen where family and guests congregate and enjoy each others company during the preparation of a meal.

The obvious benefit of an outdoor kitchen is the convenience of meal preparation without the aggravation of shuffling in and out of your home, leaving your guests unattended while preparing your meal. You can prepare your meal, while interacting with your guests in the same Outdoor Living space where you will dine and perhaps enjoy the ambience of a fire after your meal.

The amenities that can be incorporated into your outdoor kitchen may be somewhat of a surprise as they include grill/cooking burners, refrigerator and/or beverage centers, an operating sink, dishwashers, icemakers, warming drawers and more....your imagination is seemingly your only limit.

Outdoor Kitchens are constructed using manufactured decorative concrete blocks that are prefinished and are offered in a variety of sizes and styles by several manufacturers. A second method is to build a solid structure using concrete block and finish the structure with natural thin veneer (NTV). A third method is to use a pre-fabricated structure of steel and cement board where again a natural thin veneer will be applied. Depending on your individual circumstances, any of these three options will provide many years of enjoyment for your family and friends.

In our Minnesota climate, Outdoor Kitchen counter-tops are typically natural stone or a specifically formulated counter-top concrete, as they must withstand our freeze and thaw cycles. We can incorporate some natural stone elements into your concrete counter-top to make it as individual and unique as you are.

An outdoor kitchen can be as elaborate or as simple as your desires. There are many options to create an outdoor kitchen that will greatly enhance your Outdoor Living.

We can design and build an outdoor kitchen that is as unique as each of our clients. Please call or email us to schedule a consultation to discuss your Outdoor Living needs.