Natural Stone Landscaping

The use of natural stone can be as simple as a few stone outcroppings, or as complex as a retaining wall/step system or a granite, limestone or sandstone paver system for your driveway, patio or pathway. NTV or natural thin veneer is growing in popularity due to the lower cost and relative ease of installation.

Depending on the application, natural stone options include granite, several variations of limestone, Minnesota Iron Range and several variations of sandstone. As it's name implies, natural stone is a natural product and as with any natural product, there will be variations in color, texture and size. Other characteristics include natural fractures, fissures or even fossils! Natural stone provides a very relaxed and natural feel to your landscape and the variations from one stone to the next only serve to enhance their timeless natural beauty.

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Wall Stone

Wall stone is typically used for smaller, more decorative retaining walls and planting beds. It is available in granite, several variations of limestone, Virginia slate or sandstone. As noted above, the colors and characteristics of each will vary not only from one stone variety to another, but also within a given variety of stone. The stone for your individual project will largely be determined by your desires and the appropriate application of the stone, both technically and esthetically.


Flagstone is typically used for patios and pathways. Flagstone also comes in many variations including granite, limestone, virginia slate and sandstone. It is available in two options, irregular or cut and patterned. Irregular flagstone provides a natual "puzzle" like installation, whereas cut and patterned provide a slightly more formal and uniform installation.

Natural Thin Veneer

Natural Thin Veneer or "NTV" is becoming very popular as a natural finish stone. It is a very lightweight versatile natural stone often applied to outdoor kitchens, outdoor and indoor fireplaces as well as both exterior and interior accent finishes that provide the unparalleled warmth and beauty of natural stone.

Natural Stone Steps

Natural stone steps provide access in your landscape with a timeless beauty that cannot be emulated. Steps can be cut from glacial or fieldstone boulders or from quarried limestone or sandstone. They range from natural rustic to semi-formal cut to achieve your desired landscape.


Boulders are typically used for retaining walls, raised planting beds, random outcroppings or to shore up and help stabilize a hillside. They are very heavy and do not move easily from our frost cycles. They are available in many sizes, shapes, colors and textures to suit your needs. Glacial and/or fieldstone granite boulders, limestone boulders, or Minnesota IronRange boulders are all readily available. Perhaps you want something less common such as an arctic tone Door County Dolomite boulder retaining wall?

Stone Steps and Boulder Retaining Wall