Water Features, Constructing Water Falls and Ponds

At Impressions Outdoor Living, we offer various water features for your personal enjoyment and tranquility. We have the ability to build water features offering gently cascading water over natural stone and culminating in a standing pond that you may stock with colorful Koi and/or various aquatic plants.

As an alternative to a standing water system, we are very enthusiastic in offering pond-less water features to our clients, which provide minimal maintenance when compared to standing water pond systems. They eliminate the risk of children and pets taking a "dip", yet offer the same wonderful ambiance of water gently cascading over natural stone. In a typical installation, water falls over natural stone and into a "bed" of rocks
which conceals a buried reservoir.

You will see only the water flowing into a carefully laid bed of decorative landscape rock and it is then pumped back up into the upper reservoir to complete the cycle. The upper reservoir may also utilize roof rain run-off to "recapture" water that you would otherwise have to replenish with your garden hose. In addition, we can create a "bog" for your upper reservoir to create an ecosystem within your water feature that requires very little maintenance.

We can design and build a water feature that is as Unique as each of our clients...whether your preference is a a standing water pond system or a pond-less water feature, please call or email us to schedule a consultation to discuss your Outdoor Living needs.

Waterfall Design