Landscaping with Concrete

Manufactured concrete products are very popular due to their increasing variety of shapes, sizes, colors and textures. Several manufactured products simulate natural stone products, yet are more unifom and economical. There is a high level of flexibility in design that allows us to create an outdoor living space that is as unique as you are...

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Pavers offer a wide variety of shapes, sizes, colors and texture ard are typically used for patios and pathways. They are available in both natural stone and concrete, circular, square, rectangular and can also be "tumbled" to simulate an "old world" cobblestone finish. If you are environmentally conscious, there are also permeable pavers that allow your landscape to absorb rain run-off rather than sending it to the storm sewer system. The possiblilities are nearly endless with the many borders, patterns and shapes available today.

Freestanding Wall Block

Wall Block is relatively new and becoming very desirable as seating on a patio for fireplaces/firepits or simply for overflow seating for guests around your dining area. Wall block is typically installed in a system that incorporates end and corner columns with both the wall and columns being capped. They are versatile in that they can accomodate either square linear lines or sweeping radidus contours. LED lighting installed beneath the lip of the cap is becoming a popular ambiant lighting option. Like pavers, they too are available in an ever increasing variety of shapes, sizes, colors and textures and greatly enhance your patio and outdoor living.

Retaining Wall Block

Retaining wall stone also is available in a variety of shapes, sizes, color and textures. As the name implies, it is used for soil retention purposes, although depending on the location in your landscape, can also be used as supplemental seating. They are typically heavier than freestanding wall block and require industry standard practices for correct installation based on overall length, height and contour of your wall and like freestanding walls they are versatile in that they can accomodate either square linear lines or sweeping radidus contours.

Manufactured Fireplaces
Manufactured fireplaces are availabe from several manufacturers and with many different options such as wood boxes, small water features and pizza ovens. They are also available in several different styles to choose from. For a very unique and individual outdoor fireplace, there are unfinished fireplaces available allowing you to select a natural thin veneer stone as a finish option.

Block Retaining Wall